Alfaisal Marketing Team understands your needs. Marketing is about knowing your audience, striving to meet their needs, and packaging and promoting your products effectively. The Marketing Team manage the visual identity to ensure Alfaisal University appears professional, clear and unified to our many audiences. Alfaisal Marketing Team assist and advise colleges on implementing the visual identity guidelines in their own communications, and provide templates and visual assets to support this.

Alfaisal University communicates with thousands of people on a daily basis, from high schoolers to Fortune 500 CEOs. Our diverse audience requires us to express ourselves in a consistent manner, to deliver a consistent message and to speak in one voice, to make our brand is clearly recognizable. A successful brand grants the university a global recognition, it communicates mission, vision and values too. Encountering Alfaisal Brand means knowing the university, its strength and competence, and what it stands for too. Every communication from Alfaisal University contributes to the university’s reputation, and the fundamental component of a strong institutional, educational and academic image is a clear, unified and personalized visual presentation.