The CSR Department function involves developing the social responsibility, and community-minded side of a business. creating links between the University and the community in varies sectors and raising positive awareness of the university commitment to sustainable social responsibility.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop and implement CSR strategies and tactics that engage key stakeholders and build brand awareness.
  • Represents the University in relationships with external organizations, funding sources, corporations, foundations, and government agencies.
  • Conducting research into best practice and latest trends in relation to social responsibility and sustainability
  • Raising public awareness of Alfaisal University social responsibility commitments through marketing and PR.
  • Ensure the practice of integrating social and environmental goals into operations in all colleges and related departments.
  • Ensure close engagement with departments/ collages to elevate and manage CSR programs.
  • Draws upon University resources to enhance its CSR image as a strong and focused socially responsible organization locally and internationally.
  • Oversees appropriate communication in alignment with external CSR program status ensuring Alfaisal University has a positive impact on local communities and the environment.

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