Sustainable Procurement Policy & Procedures


  • This policy establishes the commitment of the Alfaisal University to enhance, wherever possible, the quality of social, economic, and ecological sustainability at the campus level.
  • This policy recognizes that our activities impact the environment; we acknowledge that there is a responsibility to protect the environment and the community at large.
  • This policy ensures the Alfaisal University commitments to sustainability. It will strive to inspire and motivate our communities through excellence in teaching and learning, discovery and scholarly exploration, application of new ideas, and dedication to courageously engage and challenge the world in all its complexity.
  • The Policy encourages suppliers to comply with national and international standards on environmental, social, and economic matters and encourages a partnership approach to sustainable progression in compliance with KSA’s legislation.


  • The department has an agreement with a potential recycling agent for wastepaper. This activity generates financial funds as well.
  • The department is issuing semi-annual purchase orders for fire extinguishers’ refilling.
  • The department has an agreement with a specialized company for agriculture maintenance and development.
  • The department processes involve ensuring the availability of campus inventory as well as reducing the costs of the requested material.


  • Material Requisition Slip – first step to get into the process of requesting materials and services.
  • Request For Quotations – obtaining quotations from all the relevant vendors & contractors through set process that include sealed bids.
  • Opening of Sealed bids – in presence of the assigned committees.
  • Supplier Quotations – Comparing & choosing the best value for the money.
  • Purchase Orders – making legal agreements between University and the Vendors to provide the approved materials or services.
  • Delivery – Material/Service receiving from the Vendor or Contractor and delivering to the End-User of the University & settling the payment in accordance.