Student Testimonials

In my opinion, the MBA courses was a most valuable learning experience in my career. It helped pull together my finance, accounting, marketing, and operations knowledge into a coherent picture of how a business operates. Best of all, I came away with some strong insights into your programmes, that I could incorporate immediately into my present job. I feel that I have received full value-added learning from Alfaisal University. The learning environment with instructors that have an excellent background in their field of study, and the smaller classes are leaps and bounds above the oversized classes with teacher's aids instructing. I really can't tell you how much your program has helped me look at things differently with more perspective in my life and work.

Ahmed Saleh Ahmed Alobaidallah
College of Business- (MBA) Business Administration

I decided to pursue my bachelor's degree at Alfaisal University because of its clear standing and distinguished reputation in Saudi Arabia. I was also fascinated by its friendly atmosphere and welcoming faculty. I joined the Electrical Engineering program and I am fortunate to have such an opportunity to study and graduate from Alfaisal. This has been an astonishing experience because I had the chance to learn and interact with professional and outstanding professors. The one to one relation between students and professors is what makes Alfaisal unique. In addition to that, since Alfaisal is multinational I had the chance to meet new people, learn more about different cultures and make friends from different countries.
My learning process develops every day and becomes more sophisticated with the completion of each phase of my program. I most certainly do hope to find an appropriate and suitable position in the working world upon completion of my degree. At the end, I would like to thank my professors, friends and most importantly my family for their continuous support.
Malek Ahmad Habli
College of Engineering

I have always had a long-term goal to attain a Masters degree. AU MBA program has not only helped me achieve my goal, but also offered a great program that allowed me to enjoy a great learning experience, develop a professional business network and many personal friendships with other colleagues, while maintaining my career and family relations. I can only say that this experience is one of the best experiences in my life, and it certainly changed me in a positive way. Thank you Alfaisal University! (h)
Fatima Mubarak Al Kahtani
College of Business- MBA

I'm very happy to get this opportunity to graduate from Alfaisal. Tough times, but good ones.
Asem Hany Elhossainy
College of Medicine - MBBS

I studied the Master's program in Biomedical Science (MBS) in an extremely unique educational environment of higher education at Alfaisal University. In this program I was exposed to the latest scientific researches in a variety of medical sciences, and to a research training at the facility of Alfaisal University. The knowledge and skills I acquired from the MBS program at Alfaisal University have greatly improved me as a scientist, researcher, scientific writer, presenter, and educator.
Faizah Ahmad Awadh Alshehri
College of Medicine - (MBS) Biomedical Science

The time I have spent studying Business - Finance at AlFaisal University have been so much fun. One of the best assets of the University college of business is its staff. I found them to be incredibly caring and supportive and they helped make my studying experience to be truly brilliant.
Ahmed Hatem Tawfik Mahmoud Abou El Ela
College of Business- (BA Bs) Finance

Completing my bachelor's degree has been a personal goal all my life. Having a degree is not only important for career and personal development but I also consider it a rite of passage. I choose Alfaisal University because I love the campus atmosphere and the educational opportunities presented by the faculty was unmatchable! There is a set of program schedule to follow with complete involvement and assistance from administrative advisors. I absolutely loved having a family in this program to go through each step to learn and grow. I'm learning as I go along in this program and developing career interests through each phase of the process. I do hope to find a more secure place in the working world upon completion of my degree. No matter what I do, I know having this degree will assist me in many ways.
Mohammed Rashed Mohammed Adam
College of Engineering- (En Bs) Mechanical Engineering