Student FAQ's

Is Alfaisal accredited by Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE)?
Alfaisal has received the conditional accreditation from the Ministry of Higher Education – MOHE for its entire program and now after graduating its first batch in 2011-2012, Alfaisal is working to finalize the process of getting MOHE full accreditation.

MOHE support Alfaisal by offering full scholarship for Saudi students in all undergraduate programs.
Is Alfaisal accredited by any International accreditation bodies? Our programs are designed and will be implemented with the practices and elements deemed essential for accreditation by the international professional organizations that grant accreditation. The Engineering programs will be accredited by ABET, the American Board of Engineering and Technology. Our Business programs will be accredited by AACSB, The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. The Medical and Science programs will be in line with the licensure exams of Canada and the United States.

What are the required scores for direct admission to AU?
For direct admission criteria, Click Here.

What are the required scores for admission to UPP?
For direct admission criteria, Click Here.

When a student completes the UPP and transfer to Alfaisal University, can he change his major or college?
Yes, but he must meet all criteria applicable to the major or college prior to acceptance.

Where do I get the Admission Application?
Please download the admission application form. Complete the form and send it to the Alfaisal University Office of Admissions at: P.O. Box 50927, Riyadh 11533 OR bring it to the Alfaisal University Office of Admissions.

What is the deadline for admission?
The deadline for early admission is Aug. 1st, 2012. However, we encourage all interested students to apply well before the deadline date. Students who apply by the deadline will have the opportunity to participate in the university orientation program. Late applications for admission will continue to be accepted through first week of classes.

When do I register to enrol in classes?
Students will register for classes during their orientation sessions. Orientation is scheduled after students have been accepted for admission. For students who are accepted late and miss orientation, an academic advisor will assist in registration.

How do get in touch with admissions?
Office of Admissions
Alfaisal University
P.O. Box 50927
Riyadh 11533
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

For Male:
Tel.: (+9661) 215-7826 .

For Female:
Tel.: (+9661) 215-7836.


Can we visit the Alfaisal University Campus?

Please Click Here to visit this link for campus location.

For Groups, please coordinate with:

For Male Groups: Mr. Homoud Alabri.
Tel.: (+9661) 215-7847

For Female Groups: Ms. Atheer Alhulwah.

Tel.: (+9661) 215-7825

What are the fees for Alfaisal University?

Click here for information on additional fees.

Are the fees different for the different colleges?
No, tuition and fees are the same for each college.

Will Alfaisal offer scholarships?
Yes. We will offer scholarships for undergraduate students funded by Alfaisal University, the Ministry of Higher Education, King Faisal Foundation, corporations, businesses and affluent community members with the desire to promote higher learning.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
No need for you to apply it's going to automated, all you need to do is get accepted into Alfaisal, then your application will be directed to the scholarships office, if your grades fulfil the Scholarship criteria you'll be nominated to get a scholarship, that doesn't mean you got one, only the top students from the nominated students will get scholarships.

There are two types of scholarships, Merit Based and Need Based, the second one depends on the first one, in which, you've to get the Merit Based scholarship in order to be eligible for the need Based scholarship and only if conditions apply.

If a student has a GPA of 4 out of 4 at the UPP, is there any possibility that he can get a scholarship at Alfaisal?
Yes, Students who achieve high GPAs have excellent opportunities for scholarships.

Please Click Here for more information about Scholarships regulations.
What are the rules of student transfer at Alfaisal?
Please Click Here for more information about credit transfer regulations.