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Research Centers & Facilities

Research Centers and Chairs

The University aims to establish Research Centers and Chairs that are specific to priority research topics. Centers will be either externally or internally funded. Each Center will have its own budget, research priorities and advisory group. There are two main centers in the process of being developed Water and Aerospace. Other centers will be established with support and coordination from the Office of Research and respective departments and colleges at the University. The Office of Research is responsible for circulating news about Centers and availability of Chairs.

Facilities and Laboratories


Alfaisal is a newly established university and as such has limited laboratories and facilities. While a dedicated research laboratories building has been proposed, during the start-up phase, the University will utilize facilities at affiliate institutionsPDF and organizations. These facilities are designated for use by both the University and respective partys faculty. Each facility has its own policies and criteria. The Office of Research and Graduate Studies and College Deans are responsible for facilitating requests by Alfaisal faculty for the use of facilities and laboratories at collaborating institutions, and for making periodic announcements pertaining to availability.


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