Provost's Message

Dear Visitor:

Faisal Al Mubarak, Ph.D., Vice President & Chief Academic Officer "Provost", Alfaisal University Welcome to the Alfaisal University Web Site. I thank you for your interest in Alfaisal and trust that you will find the information that you seek useful whether you are a student, faculty, staff, parent or friend….prospective or current. Every member of the extended Alfaisal community represents a valued relationship.

Alfaisal University's mission is to be "a student-centered university which creates and disseminates knowledge through world-class undergraduate and graduate education programs, research and service that benefit the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the region and the world." Alfaisal will produce graduates who are equipped with knowledge, attitudes and professional skills for the modern era and who lead their fields.

Our university campus is situated in the heart of Riyadh, on the beautiful grounds of the Late King Faisal's Palace, a location which is ideal for academic pursuits and student activity. The first two campus buildings (Science& General Studies & Business) are completed and adapted for use by all Alfaisal University departments. Completion of the construction of other new academic and student-activities buildings and renovation of the Palace will follow over the next two years.

Alfaisal University sets high standards for admission, including outstanding academic performance in high school and good English skills. These skills and the ability to thrive in an active learning environment are essential for success in Alfaisal's academic programs. A University Preparatory Program is required for all but a very small percentage of extraordinarily well-prepared students. The King Faisal Foundation's University Preparatory Program gives promising high school graduates the skills they need to enter and succeed in world-class universities such as Alfaisal.

Alfaisal University will be a leader in research in the Middle East and the world. Our international faculty will have outstanding credentials in teaching and research, and will involve undergraduate and graduate students in their research activities. Students who participate in research greatly enhance their educations; they apply classroom learning to real problems.

Alfaisal is a student-centered community entirely committed to ensuring that students have opportunities to succeed in their academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, social, moral, and civic endeavors, not just while they are enrolled as our students, but throughout the remainder of their lives. All members of our student-centered university community assist students in achieving their individual academic and personal goals in accordance with the university's mission statement

Alfaisal University is an exciting opportunity for those seeking an international quality higher education, and I hope that you will consider us as you begin your journey of discovery. I also hope that you will return to our Web Site often, as it will grow in both quantity and quality of information as the University itself grows and matures.

Faisal Al Mubarak, Ph.D.
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs