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College of Science & General Studies

Alfaisal University college of Science

Physics Lab, College of ScienceThe Mission of the College of Science and General Studies is to provide an outstanding educational experience through problem-based learning, undergraduate research experience, and excellent faculty as teachers and guides. Through core courses, the College provides a sound scientific and mathematical foundation for graduate or professional study in medicine, biomedical science, public health, science journalism, and science education. The general studies curriculum, which offers core courses in the humanities and social sciences, adds value to students' lives and to society as a whole.

Beginning 2010, the College of Science and General Studies offers a four-year Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree program in Life Sciences. The College also provides core courses in the natural sciences, humanities, and social sciences for students majoring in the colleges of Business, Engineering, and Medicine.

The College curricula are developed by faculty having teaching and research experience at western research universities in the USA and Europe. Students are taught and guided by distinguished research-active faculty from western universities. Instruction involves problem-based and technologically-enhanced learning. The goal of the undergraduate program in Life Sciences and the general education courses is to train students to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and team players. Participation in faculty research projects will be a featured activity for undergraduate students in the College.

The Life Sciences program provides instruction in all aspects of molecular biology, including the structure and function of genes (DNA), transmission of genetic information from the gene to functional RNA and protein molecules, human and population genetics and evolution, as well as ethical and legal aspects of genetics and genetic engineering.

The program curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of conceptual and laboratory skills in molecular biology and other sciences (chemistry, physics) with attention to biotechnology. Biotechnology is a series of enabling technologies that involve the manipulation of living organisms or their sub-cellular components to provide useful products, processes, or services. Industries are turning to biotechnology to improve their products and make the manufacturing process easier, cleaner, and more cost-effective. This trend has resulted in a large increase in the number of positions available for individuals trained in Life Sciences, especially molecular biology and biotechnology.

The College plans additional undergraduate degree programs in Computer Science and Environmental Science.



Alfaisal University

Faculty & Staff

Dr. Norman Swazo
Interim/Acting Dean, Professor of Philosophy and
Biomedical Ethics

Dr. Jalal Karam
Vice Dean, Assoc. Prof. of Mathematics

Dr. Alex Kouzmenko
Professor of Molecular Biology

Dr. Richard Arnold
Professor of English

Dr. Hisham Abad
Professor of Physics

Dr. Ghaleb Ahmed Rabab’ah
Assoc. Professor of Linguistics

Dr. Yasser Al Tamimi
Assoc. Professor of English

Dr. Edreese Alsharaeh
Assist. Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Yogi Ahmad Erlangga
Assist. Prof. of Mathematics

Dr. Samer Mansour
Assist. Prof. of Mathematics

Shahnawaz Ahmed
Instructor of Mathematics

Ali A. Othman
Laboratory Instructor

Mohammed Al-Hindawi
Laboratory Instructor

Muntasser Qawas
Executive Assistant


BSc. degree in life sciences