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College of Engineering

Alfaisal University college of engineering



Alfaisal University College of Engineering is offering several full and partial scholarships to outstanding students for its undergraduate programs in Mechanical, Aerospace, Industrial and Electrical Engineering. Both need-based and merit-based scholarships are available to the deserving students of all nationalities.
For more information about admissions and financial aid, please contact our scholarship office at +966 1 2157827 or 920000570 or scholarships@alfaisal.edu

Alfaisal students during a Fellowship Program at Boeing USAENGINEERING
involves the conception, analysis, design, and construction of products for practical purposes. Engineers apply engineering reasoning and mathematics, physical, chemical and life sciences to solve real problems and to develop products, processes and technologies that are beneficial to mankind.

THE COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is the largest college at Alfaisal University. It is designed to have a capacity of 1600 undergraduate and graduate students, a 10:1 student faculty ratio, and state-of-the-art facilities. The College faculty is chosen through a rigorous selection process and consists of highly qualified international scholars, who are leading researchers and educators.  

The College of Engineering not only confines its efforts to teaching students curricular content but also seeks to expand students’ competencies, knowledge, learning and experience through an environment that facilitates interaction with highly qualified faculty, intelligent laboratories and open curricula which are adopted by international universities of the highest standards. Research focus at the College is in areas that are strategically important to the Kingdom such as water and waste-water treatment, production and use of oil and petrochemicals and renewable energy. These research efforts aim at proving beneficial to the Kingdom, the Region and the World.

VISION of the College of Engineering is “to be a leader in creation, integration, application and transmission of applied science and engineering knowledge, through high-quality research, technology development, innovation, and entrepreneurship. This occurs through undergraduate and graduate education of scholars and professionals, who are distinguished in conception, design, analysis, and building.”

MISSION of the College of Engineering is “to rapidly achieve the international status as a university for teaching and research in a limited number of disciplines. This will be achieved through scholarship of the highest standard from both students and faculty.”

THE ENGINEERING CURRICULUM has been crafted with the assistance of MIT and Cambridge University senior faculty members, after the leading engineering programs offered in the United States and the United Kingdom, keeping in mind the demands of the industry and future trends in the job market in the Kingdom and the region. The unique Alfaisal Engineering curriculum is focused on engineering science, and is intended to produce graduates who are highly qualified decision makers, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, inventors and professionals. The engineering program is designed to be qualified for accreditation by the US, UK, EU and Saudi Arabian accreditation bodies. Moreover, Alfaisal University is a member of the MIT OCW consortium and makes use of MIT Open Course Ware as a resource. All engineering students undergo rigorous training in mathematics and physical sciences before embarking upon the specialized study of their chosen field. This ensures that our graduates are at par with those of any other world-class institution.

DEPARTMENTS within the College of Engineering offering undergraduate degrees are as follows:
  • Mechanical Engineering offering undergraduate degrees in
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Industrial Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Architectural Engineering


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Dyrup Company’s Technical Manager speaks on subject of “Corrosion” at College of Engineering.

KACST’s Deputy Director, National Satellite Technology Program Haithem Altwaijry delivers lecture


Prof. Abdulmajeed A. Mohamad
Acting dean, College of Engineering

Dr. Rehan Ahmed
Prof. of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Gilles Cormier
Prof. of Industrial Engineering

Dr. Zhao Yong
Assoc. Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Nidal Nasser
Director and Associate Professor of Electrical and Software Engineering Department

Dr. Sghaier Guizani
Assist. professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Sa’Ed M. Salhieh
Assist. professor of Industrial Engineering

Dr. Abd-Elhamid Taha
Assist. professor of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Nadimul Haque Faisal
Research Associate and Lecturer

Khalid Walid Haj Ahmed
Principal Instructor

Kaleem Mahmood
Principal Instructor