Coordinating regular cycles whether internal and external of academic programme reviews and administrative unites reviews and monitor the implementation of the recommendations of internal and external reviews.

Providing quality standards, measures and key performance for all programmes, unites, and departments and review Alfaisal University quality assurance policy and operational manual.

Assisting in the promotion and development of a culture of quality in every aspect of the University.

Organizing seminars and training workshops in the area of quality assurance for the University's staff and students communities.

Conducting satisfaction surveys as scheduled in the surveys handbook.

Preparing unit-specific quality assurance (QA) procedures, operational manuals and measurement instruments and analyse quality assurance reports.

Conducting evaluation of courses and staff by students at the end of each semester and regular self-evaluations to determine to which extent it meets the set performance standards in practice, and uses the results of such evaluations to improve practice.

Development of the organizational and legislative frameworks for delegated authority and accountability in QAA aspects.

Development of non-traditional teaching methods including e-learning which enhance student expiries.

Development of research, administrative processes and skills of academic staff capabilities.

Establish Link with external actors, in particular with professional and regulatory bodies, employers, students, community and alumni to raise the profile of the Alfaisal University.

Assure that curriculum is based on clear academic standards, with specific objectives and learning outcomes defined for each course.

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